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Well I thought today I would share my favourite foundations from the High Street AKA the drugstore.

To explain my skin best, I would say it's oily/dry. I have neutral undertones on my t-zone and chin area but my cheeks are of a pink undertone. I find it hard to find a decent foundation because of those undertones but I have found a few that work just fine.

Excuse the dirty, well used bottles by the way haha. Bourjois have to be the best brand for foundation on the High Street in my opinion. I have the 'Happy Light' in 'Porcelain' and I find it to be hydrating, light on the skin and very natural looking. It might not last all day but it will cover the most part of the day. I have the 'Healthy Mix Foundation' in 'Light Vanilla' and this has more weight to it and gives more coverage but still has that hydration I feel my skin needs. This is a much more buildable foundation and never goes cakey on the skin.
Buy Happy Light here.
Buy Healthy Mix here.

In the Summer this BB cream was my saviour. If you remember we had that heatwave here in the UK/Ireland and I just couldn't wear foundation. It pained my skin to put anything heavy on it. I bought this bad boy and loved it. It's a light shade but can oxidise on the skin throughout the day. Whilst it might not last the longest, it was the most comfortable on my skin and I still use it now on days where I want to wear very little makeup. You can buy this BB cream here.

This is my new favourite. Every single time Lauren Curtis or Nicole Guerriero does a makeup look they use this foundation so I knew it was something special. The shade range for True Match is insanely large and can be quite hard to match yourself to. I went with N2, Vanilla, as it looked very similiar to my Bourjois Healthy Mix. It is gorgeous on the skin and is medium coverage but you can build it nicely. I would suggest spending a few minutes buffing it into the skin and then leaving for a few minutes to dry.  You can buy it here.

I hope you find this post helpful. I love reading these myself.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox

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