Soap & Glory Collection | JanBlog #8


Hope everyone is well. I am not feeling the may west but hey ho, on with the show! Today I want to share my Soap and Glory body collection.

Last year I was introduced to my first ever S&G lotion in the name of Hand Food. My hands were distressed and my friend said this was the best. I haven't looked back ever since. I have gathered quite the collection.

I have a travel size in some products. I find them handy for when we go away, when I visit my sister or even home to Ireland. I have a little and large Hand Food. Love it. I have two tubs of The Righteous Butter, I love it. Makes my skin so soft and smells lovely. Scrub of your Life is the best shower scrub ever. I bought Foam Call to try today and it came with Butter Yourself. I love trying new products.

Do you have any of these products or any of the others? Let me know. I am obsessed hehe.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox
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