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Hey all,

How are we? Well my Aunt Dervela asked me how to stop a lipstick bleeding and what methods I use, so here is how I do it. The pictures aren't perfect and I might not do this how you would. Everyone is different :D

Here I have lined my lips with MUA - Brooding Plum lipliner. This is a gorgeous maroon/red colour.

I use Brooding Plum with Urban Decay's Shame lipstick. The formula is very creamy and can be messy if you're not careful. I have a very obvious 'M' shape on my mouth so I tend to spend ages doing this and I do use a tonne of liner.

The ever so slightly caption on the picture was a joke as there is a tonne of my lips filled in haha. I used Essence - Femme Fatale this time around. I have recently purchased the brilliant Lime Crime Velvetine in Pink Velvet. Whilst it is all things amazing, it has a small applicator and is very liquidy.

Here is the Velvetine applied. Beautiful. May I add that these do not budge. You can drink, eat and wet your lips and it will not move. AMAZING.

To my Aunties that told Dervela about lip liner being out of fashion? Pfftt no it's not haha. Silly silly. It is sometimes a must especially with darker lip shades. It is always helpful to have a concealer handy to mark out your lips should you need to. Always have a concealer your skin colour for this.

I hope this was helpful Dervela :D

Lots of love,
Victoria xox 
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