Rimmel Apocalips 'Eclipse' | JanBlog #28

Hey guys,

Well today I want to talk about a new shade in what I think is my favourite Rimmel product ever. Whilst a tonne of people may be on the fence with some of Rimmel's products, they're pretty good at releasing so many items at once, that way you're bound to like something.

I have a few of these lip lacquers now and I really do love them. I saw some new shades late last year and only got around to buying one now.

I know a tonne of people don't like the huge wand because of the amount of product that comes out but I push it to the side as I'm taking it out so some product is left on the inside of the opening should you need it. A little tip for you there.

As you can see this is a deep purple/wine shade with a hint of a red undertone to it. It looks so pretty on the lips and as you all know these babies last a long time. I am super duper happy with my new Apocalips purchase. They're on offer in Boots for £4.99 at the moment so go get them.

What shades do you have in your collection?

Lots of love,
Victoria xox
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