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Hey all,

Today I am one groggy lady. I haven't felt this tired in ages. Boo!! I have been putting up my best of 2013 posts and nearly forgot nails. I'll link the others at the end :D

I am quite fussy with nail polishes. I have a large collection but not all of them gets used and some just get given away. As you can see above I like a variety of colours. The weirder the colour, the more I like it. It's cause I'm Irish haha.

I'll go into a quick review of why I like what etc. Essie have been huge for me this year. I discovered them in the Summer and fell in love. Tart Deco was my first purchase and I went through two months of constantly wearing it. Such a gorgeous vibrant pastel coral. Lilacism is the perfect lilac to me. Fiji and Chincilly are cult favourites as it is and are amaze! My favourite is The More The Merrier as I've always loved the vibrant pastel green.

Barry M are known mainly for their awesome nail polishes. They do gelly finishes, normal satin finishes, any form of fancy top coat and they ventured into the matte market this year. One word, WOW! I particularly love Mocha and Espresso but have all the shades. I am a fan of brown polishes regardless but Barry M do them like non other.

Lastly, Rimmel have always been hit and miss for me with polishes. I tend to buy polishes that last more than 2/3 days. I got these two in October and my gosh I love them. Long lasting, glide onto the nail so easily and just vibrant. I do get about 4 days out of these.

I saw this Orly mini in Boots and just had to have it. In the flesh the colour is a lighter purple but photographs darker even in a flash mode. It is a gorgeous Cadbury purple colour.

Do you guys own any of these? Let me know.

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Lots of love,
Victoria xox

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