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Good morning,

It is super nice outside, chilly, but nice. Definitely prefer the sunshine and chill to win and rain. Brrrr.

I have several 'Worst of 2013 posts this coming week. I feel bad doing these because what I don't like someone else could love BUT I have to give my opinion too.

There is one gel liner as it was the only one I tried and didn't like.

I had heard tonnes about the Vivo Block Paletttes. They're in Tesco for £4. I got the 'Show Me The Money' palette and I am not a fan. Not every colour is pigmented, long lasting and they break apart so easily. So disappointed.  Cheap and most certainly not cheerful.

When I buy an Essence product back home in Ireland I'm always weary. Whilst they're affordable and most of the time a good product, they can be disappointing. I bought this Metal Glam shadow after seeing someone rave about it. I have tried it dry and wet and it is just a dull colour. If that glitter coating was throughout the shadow it would be so much nicer.

I bought the Revlon Matte shadows at the start of the year and could not wait to try them. They didn't have testers in the pharmacy back home but I thought 'Oh it's Revlon, they can't be that bad', BOY WAS I WRONG. The bright blue is so gorgeous but not pigmented when on the lid and I have tried with bases underneath, shadows on top. It does not last. The lemon colour is the same but is more pigmented BUT more powdery. I just can't even think about using them.

Lastly, I got this Rimmel trio in the Summer. It looked so pretty and it wasn't overly expensive. I do like pink eye looks on me. This trio is not pigmented and can be so powdery. When you look at it before swatching it is so frustrating. I used many eye bases, primers and my NYX Jumbo Pencil in Strawberry Milk  and it still wasn't fantastic, just wearable.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you not enjoy eyeshadow wise last year?

My review on the Vivo palette :D

Lots of love,
Victoria xox
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