Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick | JanBlog #12

Hey there,

Today's post is a result of my wander into Boots hehe. Why can you never walk in and out of that place? Joys of being a girl eh?

I absolutely love these lipsticks but never have loved the lack of shades here. We seemed to have gotten the dull colours compared to the States. I already have Hot Plum and love it to death. It's a gorgeous bright purple/pink. I didn't really need a new one but it was half price when you bought something else from Maybelline.

I really like the Maybelline packaging. It's bright and the colour coding is helpful when all your lipsticks are side by side like mine. I think I spent about ten minutes choosing what colour to get and didn't see this one before so immediately swatched it and thought oh yes. The usual questions went through my head like 'Do I have anything like this?' or 'Do you need this Vicky?' but alas it is mine!! Hehe. I'm SANE I promise.

This shade is a vibrant cool toned pink. It's bright but nothing like Barry M's '52' and I love that it's creamy and long lasting. These lipsticks don't need touching up very often and seriously the pigmentation is fantastic. I wore this to dinner tonight and it stayed on really well and it does stain the lips ever so slightly, nothing insane.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm going to find out when the nude range from Maybelline is out here as America have it already. Such a bloomin' lipstick addict.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox

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