First Impressions: Catrice Matt Powder

Hey there,

Well another day, another #bigblogmasproject post. Love doing this. :D

Today, I have a product first impressions. I have about 6 powders in my collection, all high street brands. I wish I could find one and stick to it. I don't enjoy the hunt for a powder. I prefer to buy lipsticks or blushes haha.

I saw this Catrice powder when I was home for my birthday in November and thought why not?! I never really went for a matt finish because I have oily/dry skin. I also prefer the dewy look on me personally. Hey ho, I bought it regardless. I think it was €5/6.

On the back of the powder it says it's shine control and oil free. That is a huge deal to me anyway. Oily people raise your hands hehe.. *raises hand*

When I say I am on the fence with this powder, I really am on it. I like it and hate it at the same time. Whilst the powder is finely milled and soft, the shine aspect doesn't really happen. I took a picture at my birthday meal and my face and especially under my eyes looked shiny. Hmmmm.

Let me use it a few more times to give a review but first impressions are mixed, unfortunately.

Have a great day,

Victoria xox

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