LUSH Gift Set.

Hi guys,

I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Day. Today I want to talk about a gorgeous gift set I received. I have absolutely gone mad for LUSH this year. Whilst I've only had the bath products I do want to try some of their face creams and masks as my skin is really driving me crazy lately.

I unfortunately got rid of the wrapping before takings pictures but you can see it on the website right here. I love the little sticker on the box. Yay for team work eh!?!

Inside you get two bath products, a bath bomb and a bubble bar. I'm really bad at describing anything from LUSH because they use insanely crazy named ingredients but these two are definitely floral. Nothing insanely sweet, just girly and relaxing.

I love the bright bubbles from 'Pop It In The Bath' and the confetti from 'Think Pink'. Who doesn't love a pink bath? For £7.95 this is a gorgeous gift. I don't know how long they keep these going for but go and pick one up ASAP. I said so hehe!!

Did you receive any gifts from LUSH this year?

Lots of love,
Victoria xox


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