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Hey guys,

Well, it's only the fifth day of the #BigBlogmasProject. Woo woo. I hope you have been enjoying my posts so far.

Today I wanted to share my 'Top 5 Songs of the moment' but this changes every week haha. So 'of the moment' is a better option. It's also in no particular order.

So I guess the one song I literally am obsessed with is The Wanted's 'Show Me Love (America)'. It is the perfect boyband type song. I also think I fancy them all haha.


Good little Nathan from Gloucester is probably the best singer in the band. Love his little munchkin face haha.

My absolute fave is Jay though. So hobo and handsome haha. 

NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT song is a certain Lady GaGa. Now she is a tad out there but my friend Rob and I heard her about a year before she made it big and thought WOW. Hard to knock her when she's so talented and music is in her soul :)


Bit of a racy cover there but hey ho! GaGa hasn't released the video for this song yet but I did find a dance group doing the choreography and the blonde guy is AWESOME!! 

Seriously wow!

If you know me then you will know I adore the ground Adam Lambert walks on. I think Adam is super talented and just a force to be reckoned with with his amazing voice. Avicii and Adam recently done a song together on Avicii's album and I thought WOW! Incredible. 


If you haven't ever listened to Adam Lambert then there's something wrong, in my opinion. There's no official video for the song or any clue if they'll release it. 

Tegan and Sara have been a fave of mine for over 10 years and to say I'm proud ofevery album/song/video/performance is an understatement. I have every single album and have seen them live about 5/6 times now. They even sang a song with my Irish flag once. 


 I can't pick a favourite song but this one 'I Was A Fool' is always on heavy rotation on my iTunes. Oh and they also done a song with Taylor Swift on her most recent tour. Check it out here!!  

And finally, one more tune haha! 

This album is my all time FAVE album. Every single song resonates with me. The one song, which is a Tegan song, is 'I Won't Be Left' and I listen to it daily. There's no official video as it wasn't a single release but CLICK HERE and you will love it honestly.

Have a wonderful day and tell me your fave songs right now,

Victoria xox
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