Review: ELF Under Eye Concealer & Highlight

Hey guys,

Welcome to day 20 of the #BigBlogmasProject. Five more days till the big Christmas dinner haha.

Today, I want to tell you all about a nifty little product I got for £3.75, yes you read that right. I went to the ELF store in Cardiff recently and bought a few things. I already reviewed the ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick here.

I saw this duo and thought the concept was cool. I decided to just get it as the price wasn't insanely high. There are only three colours so I picked fair. I wanted it to be a little brighter than my foundation to brighten my under eye area.

As you can in the picture the applicator is very easy to use and not messy at all. Just the right amount of product comes out as well. I do like this product. I can't knock it at all. It can get a little patchy after a few hours but you're paying under five pound for this, not over ten pound.

I especially love the highlight section. It really glows on my high cheekbones. Love that. I will most likely use it in my video tomorrow so make sure you subscribe to me here :)

As you can see it is a little runny looking but don't be fooled. My shade was fair. It is of a light coverage.

Hope this encourages you to have a look at it online or in store.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox
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