Welcome to day 13 of the #BigBlogmasProject. Today is a very special post. It is the newest addition to my growing makeup collection, it's the NAKED 3 PALETTE FROM URBAN DECAY! *and breathe*

I had a whole other post about a new product but I got this baby this morning and thought ok this will be my Friday the 13th post. In some of the pics my name is in the corner so nobody can steal my pics but then I realised, I always know my pics a mile away and didn't bother with the rest.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!! *excited face*

The packaging is gorgeous. The box is big and whilst not bulky, it's luxurious. To my surprise and a pleasant one at that, you don't get a small primer potion bottle this time, or a lip junkie. Whilst some may like or dislike that, it doesn't phase me. You do get four, yes 4, sample sizes of ALL their eye primers. I am happy about this and love trying new primers.

Another addition, but it was in the Naked 2 palette, is the dual end crease/shadow brush. Some like this, some don't. I like this. Let me talk you through the primers and what they do. The original is well known, an invisable primer to hold eyeshadow in place. Eden is one I have meant to try but I am devoted to my Too Faced 'Shadow Insurance'. This is a nude matte formula and prevents shadow meltdown. Sin is a shimmery formula which prevents creasing and fading. Anti Aging is apparently going to make my lines and wrinkles fade or at least lessen the appearance. We shall see.

Shall I end the post here without pics of the actual palette? Hmmmmm nah hehe!

I am going to film a video about this baby on my YouTube so click the button on my page within the next day to see that. I will do swatches etc there.

The matte shades are; Strange, Limit, Nooner and Darkside. The rest are all satin/shimmery. I really don't feel like the pics do it justice. This is one girly palette that everyone will love. Pity I have to put it away till Christmas. GRRRR!! Dammnnnnnnnn!

Have a wonderful day. Let me know if you have this palette or you want to get it. Let me change your mind if you're against it hehe.

Lots of love,

Victoria xox


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