Review: Essence Limited Edition Blush

Hey there folks,

Today is the first day of #bigblogmasproject. Yay! I got a tonne of new makeup when back in Ireland and maybe went a little too wild hehe.

First up is a review of a new blush from Essence. I have been buying from this brand for so long and the fact that they're coming to the UK more extensively next year makes me very happy. The majority of their stuff is good and I love their limited edition products. This is from the 'Beauty Beats' line and is 'Groupie At Heart'. I am unsure of how new/old this collection is.

The packaging is slim and durable enough. It's their standard plastic packaging.

The colour is so gorgeous, *inserts pic*

When I first looked at it without swatching I thought it was very summery and bright for this season and the forthcoming Winter. I also thought it was a summer collection put out by mistake but no. Oh that boyfriend is embedded into the blush and is quite deep so that won't go too soon.

The swatch on my hand is the blush buffed out a tad so it is quite sheer and on the cheeks it gives a flushed look. I put another heavy swatch on my finger to show it is buildable should you want it that way.

Overall I love it. I love the flush cheek look. It isn't the longest lasting blush but surpasses MUA and some other high street brands. I would get about 6 hours from this blush.

When they expand to more Wilkos next year, I urge you to try Essence. Love this brand.

Have a wonderful day and check out the #bigblogmasproject on Twitter,

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