Family Time.

 My Dad is the Mayor of Wicklow Town. Go on Mal!!!

 This was my family at my brothers 21st three years ago. We have all changed so much.

My brother Aaron on the very end in the suit looks awesome in London a few weeks back. 

 This is my sister Emer and I. My parents came to Cardiff for Christmas two years ago.

 My mother Margaret and I taking a selfie at my cousin Stephen's wedding this year.

 Emer and Mammy might kill me for putting this up but it's a hilarious picture from back in October.

James and I at my cousin Stephen's wedding this year. Love this photo so much. How blooming handsome does James look?!

This picture was taken at my 30th in November. My Nanna Vera, Mammy and I :)

My fabulous Aunties Dervela, Bronwyn, Me, Niamh, Nanna, Micheline and Leonora. Taken at my 30th. What a gorgeous pic.

More amazing Aunties. Mary, Me, Sadie, Ann, Mammy and Teresa. These are my Mammy's sisters, asides from Ann. Ann is a cousin but is like an Aunt to me. Love this.

Day 22 of the #BigBlogmasProject.

Lots of love,
Victoria xox
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