Beauty Things I Suck At!

Hey there,

Well today is day 19 of the #BigBlogmasProject. Nearly Christmas, holy moly.

Today I thought I would do the infamous 'Beauty Things I Suck At'. I know this is a tag but whenever I tag someone, they never do it. So ya know why bother haha. If you do this then please let me know.

  • Contouring. I cannot seem to get the knack of this at all. I like it on other people especially when you see someone on YouTube do it perfectly.
  •  Gel eyeliner. I have a serious issue with eyeliner on my top lid and winging it out. Just never happens for me and it doesn't help that I have shaky hands haha. 
  •  Fake tan. I guess this is a borderline beauty question but it's something I never do. I am fair/pale skinned and kind of love it.
  •  Eyebrows. What I mean is plucking them, again a borderline question. I get them done because it pains me to pluck and just no haha.
  •  Cut creases. Now I will conquer this but for the moment I cannot do it right. I end up getting annoyed and taking it all off my eyes. 
and one more for the road.

  • Eyelashes. Again I just don't want to hurt my eyes. I am so paranoid I'll poke myself too hard or something. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you do it or if you're like me with my 'can't do's'. I tag you all. 

Lots of love,
Victoria xox


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