The Versus Series: Perfume Editon.

Well hi there,

Yesterday, I was so exhausted from work and not being well I didn't upload my blog post. My day in work was 12-8 but felt like I had been there 8-8. So this is day 17 of the #BigBlogmasProject. This is another edition of my versus series but with perfume. Celebrities are always bringing out perfumes and I thought I would compare two of my favourites.

Let's review Britney's perfume in 'Midnight Fantasy'. I think this was originally limited edition but it pops up from time to time in stores. I got mine in Boots on offer for £9.99 for 30mls. I thought BARGAIN! and snatched one up.

What they say about this fragrance 'It is a sexy and mischievous fragrance with the strapline Magic begins at Midnight. A delicious combination of florals and musks including freesia and amber.'

I would agree with the description. This perfume screams girlyness in a bottle. It is sweet and I haven't ever smelt anything quite like it before. This perfume lasts so long as well. I spray it twice in the morning and can quite often get the smell throughout the day.

I like how Britney or whoever designs the bottles has kept the theme on most fragrances. The round bottle with pearls and diamontes make it very easy to know it's a Britney perfume.

Excuse my reflection on the bottle haha. There is a closer view on the design. This is the same on quite a few of her fragrances.

Now onto Katy. This is her second fragrance called 'Killer Queen.'

I didn't like her first perfume at all. I thought the bottle was quirky but the perfume was too overwhelming for me. I got this perfume off James in a set for my birthday. I had smelled it in Boots ages ago and really liked it. It's again very girly and sweet. My favourite kind of perfume.

What they say about this fragrance 'Killer Queen, a charmingly playful yet lethally gorgeous Floriental fragrance, opens with tempting dark berries and lush plum that blend into an opulent floral heart. The softness and grace of the heart is highlighted by the Royal Red Velvet flower that leads into an intoxicating background of precious woods and sensual musk.'

Well, isn't that a mouthful. Haha. I have really enjoyed this perfume lately. I find it different, especially to Britney's, but still girly. I do think the packaging is awesome even though it has to be kept on its side. The lid also has some gorgeous detailing.

So, who is better? What lasts longer? Which do I grab on a daily basis?

BRITNEY!! Well not her but her perfume haha. I just find the perfume lasts longer on me. Whilst I love Katy's offering it fades into my skin and I can't smell it after a few hours.

I hope you liked this post. Do you have either of these perfumes?

Buy Britney's perfume here. 
Buy Katy's perfume here.

Lots of love,

Victoria xox
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