Review: Illamasqua 'Lover' Blush

Hey everyone,

A belated post for day 23 of the #BigBlogmasProject. I was in Cardiff yesterday and didn't have access to a computer, apologies.

When I got to Cardiff I was reapplying my makeup and realised I never packed a blusher. That's not like me at all so I knew I needed to get one (any excuse!). I wanted to get MAC's 'Melba' blush but the queue was insane. I went to the MAC in Debenham's in the St David's shopping centre. I instead researched on my phone very quickly another peach blush and Illamasqua popped up loads.

So I got it. When I initially went to the counter I saw 'Katie' and loved that in person. I asked the lady if I could try the 'Lover' blush and it knocked my socks off. It is a stunner.

I have never bought anything from Illamasqua before as I never remember them. I did ask for a sample of their foundation but she wouldn't allow it for some reason. This is a gorgeous peach matte blush. There's nothing chalky or powdery about it. Goes on nice and smooth. Lover is seriously pigmented so you only need a light hand with it BUT I did build it up at night and it was gorgeous too. Another bonus is how long lasting it is. It did not fade until I took it off.

You can buy this blush here. Honestly, go in and swatch it and fall in love :D Best decision ever.

Lots of love,

Victoria xox

PS. If you have emailed me about the #Janblog, please keep an eye out after Boxing Day/St Stephen's Day for more information. #Janblog post.
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