Review: TopShop 'Crescent Moon' Highlight.

Well hello there, 

This is an early post for day 9 of #BigBlogmasProject as I am travelling today and won't be near a laptop till late late. 

Anyway, my review today is based on the infamous TopShop highlighter 'Crescent Moon'. This retails in some TopShop stores for £10. I got mine in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol.

So the top picture is the front and back and I love the front. I do believe they are hand drawn so that's cute. Inside it really is a tonne of product. I was quite scared when I seen it in person. When I bought it I didn't test it out. I read reviews and thought oh yes I'll get that.

So, as you can it is a fairly golden shimmer. I think pale/fair people like myself should use a small amount as it can look just awful haha.

This highlight reminds me of Stila's 'Bubbly' only it's a smidgeon darker. It is also so soft and shiny. What I also use this highlighter for is in the centre of my lid for a sparkle when wearing a neutral smokey eye. So diverse this little thing, well it's not little, it's chunky.

I would recommend this product but it is hard to get. Try online before a store as I think people have had more luck that way.

Have a great day guys. Let's try get my bloglovin' to 100 followers.

Lots of love,

Victoria xox


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